How to prepare for winter weather in Indianapolis

Be Ready for Extreme Cold Weather

The arctic blast is back! Be ready for extreme cold weather and that know that storms can be deceptive, so please take the necessary safety precautions:

BEFORE a storm or extremely low temperatures:
1. Be sure you have all the tools you need such as shovels, rock salt or sand for traction.
2. Be sure to have safe fuel alternatives in case your heat should go out, such as wood for a fireplace.
3. Have a family plan should the storm hit when you are at work or school and make sure everyone in the family knows the plan.
1. Lower your expectations for your heating system capacity to warm the whole house. Lower the temperature a couple of degrees.
2. If you have a heat pump system do NOT switch the thermostat to the Emergency Heat Setting as it will shut off the outdoor unit and actually reduce your systems total heating capacity.
3. If you do lose heat, use common sense and be safe.
1. Contact a professional if your furnace is not working properly.
2. High winds and heavy snow can cause power lines and trees to fall, so allow emergency personnel time to make repairs before venturing out unless you have to do so.
3. Contact elderly family or neighbors to be sure that they are not in need of assistance.

Stay safe everyone!

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