The last thing you want to deal with in the dead of winter is a broken home heating system. If you are experiencing problems with your home heating, don’t delay! Call the HVAC experts at Airtron Indianapolis immediately. We understand that the prospect of new furnace installation can be daunting, but don’t assume the worst! If our experienced technicians determine that furnace repair is possible, we will fix it right the first time. If our heating contractors ascertain that heating repair isn’t an option and recommend new furnace installation, don’t worry! We will guide you in the right direction, providing you with all of the facts and necessary information needed to make an educated decision regarding your home comfort.


Before making a decision whether to repair your existing furnace or replace it with a brand new one, you should consider the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (A.F.U.E.), which tells you how much fuel is being used. It is estimated that a furnace today can range from 80% to 97% efficient. In other words, the higher the number the less waste is produced, which translates into cost savings for you!

You can expect a written Heating Repair vs. Replace Worksheet from your Airtron heating technician that will show you exactly how your furnace is performing, allowing you to make an educated decision about heating repair versus installation.

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