Buying a new home heating system

What to Tackle Before Buying a New Heating System

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Home Efficient Home

A professional energy audit is a wise first step in assessing the efficiency of your home, especially if you need to make improvements to any potential heat gain/loss. Many home efficiency upgrades are practical projects, such as upgrading window treatments, sealing air leaks and adding insulation, which you might be able to handle yourself.

Sizing Up Your Investment

Once you’re satisfied with the efficiency of your home, the new heating system can be correctly sized using HVAC-industry best practices. With correct system sizing, the new system will heat your home efficiently and evenly. A system that’s too large or small can’t perform this job adequately, as it endures unnecessary wear from quick cycling.

Return on Your Investment

Your HVAC professional should possess the knowledge to discuss the pros and cons of potential heating systems regarding heating comfort, lifetime costs and return on investment (ROI). A professionally installed higher-efficiency system will deliver energy savings for many years, which offsets the initial higher sticker price. Additional energy savings are dividends on a wise investment. Ask your HVAC professional to perform a cost analysis of different heating systems you’re considering.

Choosing an HVAC Pro

Perhaps the most important decision you face when buying a new heating system is working with the right contractor. Prospective HVAC contractors should provide proof of current licensing, bonding and insurance. Make sure you confirm these credentials. An easy way to narrow your contractor search down is to select one that employs NATE-certified technicians.

For more expert advice about buying a new heating system, please contact Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning. We service homeowners located across the Indianapolis area.

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