Airtron Indianapolis employees take part in Spartan Race

Airtron Indy Employees Take on the Spartan Race

Several of Airtron Indy employees recently completed the grueling Spartan Race in Laurel, Indiana. The meaning of the Spartan race is to leave no one behind in facing unanticipated extremes physical obstacles in a clay mud field setting.

“This was the most excitingly brutal experience I have ever been through,” said Airtron employee and participant, Shane. “This was one of the greatest team events I have ever been in. I’m not the strongest person, but I was amazed I could even help others around me by giving them an extra push or letting them climb up my leg as I held on for dear life because falling back was not an option. ”

The tough course was several miles long and participants had to crawl through the mud under barb wire, haul themselves up by rope over high walls, and run up and down hills.

Airtron teammates held hands jumping over the line of fire at the finish line and took advantage of the power-washing option afterward to remove five-hours of caked on mud.

“This race tested every bit of my inner AND outer strength and overall physical abilities,” said Shane. “I am covered in scrapes and bruises and I feel awesome! I will absolutely do this again!”


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