Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning Indianapolis and TA Kaiser Heating & Air Conditioning have joined to provide top-notch heating and cooling services!

As a TA Kaiser Customer You Can Expect Quality Services from Airtron?


The team at Airtron Indianapolis is committed to providing you with the outstanding quality service you have come to expect from TA Kaiser Heating & Air Conditioning. The same management and technicians who have come to your home are here to assist you, but now we are even better. Plus, we have added the skilled technicians and customer service representatives from Airtron making our heating and cooling repair, maintenance and installations services faster and more efficient. We will keep your family comfortable year-round.

TA Kaiser will now be operating under the Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning name and will provide you with unsurpassed service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you can be comfortable all year round.

Airtron Indianapolis HVAC Technicians
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Improved Comfort & Reliability
  • Helps Ensure Safe Equipment Operation
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Costly Breakdowns
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • 15% Discount on Service Repairs
  • Maintain & Validate Manufacturer Warranties


  • Repairs or replacements of all makes & models
  • New equipment purchases
  • Indoor air quality products
  • Tune-ups & safety checks

TA Kaiser & Airtron…two great companies coming together.


Who should I call if I need service on my furnace or A/C?

Call Airtron at 317-489-0663 anytime to schedule an appointment for service or repairs on your home comfort equipment, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lighting, indoor air quality accessories and thermostat.

I bought a new furnace and A/C from TA Kaiser and it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, will Airtron do the warranty work?

Airtron is able to handle all of your warrantied equipment work for you without any interruption in service. Our technicians are trained on all makes and models and will get your equipment running at peak performance.

Will someone contact me when it’s time to schedule my tune-up for my Maintenance Agreement?

One of the Airtron customer service representatives will notify you when it’s time to schedule your preventative maintenance appointments for our Ultimate Tune-up and Safety Check.

Is Airtron honoring my TA Kaiser Maintenance Protection plans?

Airtron will provide you with the quality service you come to expect from your TA Kaiser team, and we will happily maintain your equipment. At the end of your agreement we will notify you about enrolling in the Essential HomeCare plan, where you pay nothing at time of service for covered repairs.*

*See terms and conditions for inclusions and complete coverage details.

TA Kaiser has been servicing my equipment for a long time and knows the history. How will Airtron be able to continue this service?

TA Kaiser’s customer records have all been incorporated into the Airtron system, so our technicians will be able to see the history of your equipment and past service to ensure that you get the highest quality service possible.

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